What To Do After Having Your Laser Skin Treatment

While it can be pricey, a lot of us love to give a laser treatment a shot. It doesn’t matter if it’s because after having enough of beauty creams that didn’t deliver as it promised, or perhaps you want to improve your skin in one time and be done with it; taking a good care of your skin is just as essential as during the treatment, in order for the results to last long. Here’s how you can do it.

A skin specialist at Advanced Dermatology puts it simply: whatever laser treatment you’re having, it’s important to keep the skin moist right after the laser treatment, and continue until the side effects (peeling, flaking, or redness) stops for good. You can learn about more great tips from the Advanced Dermatology skin library.

Generally speaking, overall healing and recovery time vary depending on to the size and the depth of the treated area. Usually right after treatment, your skin will be pink, tender to touch, and can swell for a couple of days. Even as your skin heals completely, the redness can still be seen for a few weeks after treatment. If it’s uncomfortable, apply cold packs to the affected area to soothe it. NSAIDs such as ibuprofen or aspirin can also ease the pain.

As the skin is a bit raw, you need to be a bit vigilant to your skin as it’s so fragile. Rinse your skin few times a day with cool water to prevent the affected area from infection or skin crusting. Warm to hot water will only irritate your skin further (the same thing also for hot tubs or bath). A mild cleanser like Neutrogena or Cetaphil is essential to keep the skin clean while not being an irritant to healing skin.

Lather a simple moisturizer like Vaseline or a good, rich cream to give your skin the much needed supply of moisture and hydration.

As for the men, please, no shaving for the first 24 hours. Your skin will not appreciate the sharp blade running through at the moment. The same thing also goes for the ladies, no makeup and spray tans needed while your skin is recovering for the first couple of days. If you still love to glam up a bit, a little dust of mineral makeup can be used as they don’t contain potentially irritating ingredients to your skin.

After a week, you can begin applying topical creams specialized to maintain and further improve overall results from previous laser treatment.

While your skin is recovering, it’s best to stay indoors during the day as your skin is still fragile at this stage. Even you’re recovering, wear a thin layer of sunscreen (at least with SPF30 with broad protection) to protect from indirect reflection of UV rays (they still can enter your home!), causing unwanted skin damage.

If you notice blistering on the treated area, apply Vaseline and cover up to protect it: it may be a good idea to call your dermatologist for an impromptu examination. Oral Benadryl may also be handy if you start developing itchy rash.

Caring for the skin after laser treatment is essential in order to maintain the results, making it last longer. Now that’s what you call a worthwhile laser shot!


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