Uses Of Baking Soda For Your Skin

Apparently there’s much more than just its use for the kitchen and home; as you can use baking soda, nearly for everything for your skin and well-being. Being super gentle yet super effective, baking soda should be the integral part of your beauty treatment, if you want to look good while doing some good for the earth.  So, what exactly that you can do with baking soda anyway?

A baking soda can certainly rival a facial scrub with micro beads formula – teeny grains within the baking soda work just as well. The end result will leave your skin feeling invigorated and an extra bonus for the environment as well – the powders dissolve easily in the water unlike commercialized micro beads that are simply made from plastics.

The same also applies if you’re using these powders as a body scrub, just take ample amounts and rub it directly to the skin. Alternatively, you can also add a tablespoon of apple juice (or add mashed apples directly, if you prefer) or lemon to add some boost in skin exfoliation, for a brighter skin twice a week. Trust me, the strength is as much as your regular scrub would, minus the irritation should you scrub more than recommended (say, four times a week).

The ingredients mentioned before work perfectly for darkened underarms (do it daily) as the soda neutralizes bacteria and acid from sweats that are causing you smelly body odor (and it won’t stain your outfit as well), hence the underarm is practically fresh all day long. And undoubtedly, cheaper too.

Especially for sensitive skin, if you regularly have itchy or irritating skin nearly at all times, settle down in a warm bath with a half cup of baking soda poured and sink in. Baking soda gentle base properties will soothe irritated skin, neutralizing germs that making your skin itch like hell and in turn helps to relieve the effects. Later up rich moisturizing lotion as soon as you don with the bath, to protect and nourish your skin further.

Especially for women who are obsessed with tanning their skin (hey, sun-kissed glow is always sexy), extra streaks here and there is simply a big no-no. Instead of waiting for the unsightly streaks to fade away (and pray that nobody would notice it) and you can mix one part of plain water with two parts of baking soda (mix them evenly into a paste) and rub gently on those streaks, bit by bit until the color is even.

Probably by now you’re tempted to get a box of baking soda for yourself (me too, actually) and on a plus side, a small box like Arm and Hammer brand can lasts up to a month.



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