Liquid Facelift

Liquid Facelift: All you need to know

Liquid face lifts are becoming increasingly popular among patients who seek cosmetic augmentations. For those who want to restore that youthful look to their face without going under the knife, liquid face lifts are the wave of the future. It is a procedure that attempts to fill in the parts of your face that have lost volume over the years. This is done through the use of injections and is a very quick and relatively painless procedure.

If you wish to get rid of the wrinkles and creases on your face and you are not in a position to incur the heavy costs that come with plastic surgery, liquid face lifts are perfect for you. These injections will give you a smoother face, reduce the puffiness around your eyes, and bring that rosy glow back to your cheekbones that you’ve been missing. Your skin will take on a more toned appearance. A liquid face lift will instantaneously remove several years’ worth of aging from your face.

By using the injections instead of going to a plastic surgeon, you will save untold thousands of dollars even if you use the most top of the line facial fillers. The procedure can cost anywhere from $300 if Botox injections are used, to just shy of $1,000 for the use of the top of line facial filler. Plastic surgeries have been known to go awry, have varied complications and can often leave the patient on the hook to pay for more facial repairs than when they started. Liquid face lifts carry no such concerns.

With the use of Botox and other fillers, you can have your old face back within one or two easy procedures, right here in the office. The upside to liquid face lifts not being a surgical procedure is that you won’t have to wait to remove pesky bandages, you will be able to strut your stuff with your brand new face as soon as you leave the office. The effects from the injections are evident almost immediately. For the patient who is on the go and doesn’t have time for a lengthy coalescence, liquid face lifts provide them with the speedy recovery time necessary to get back to everyday life.

There are no stitches, no swelling and very little bruising to speak of for liquid face lift recipients. The bruising is compared to what a patient might feel after receiving a shot at the doctor’s office. A patient could theoretically stop in during their lunch break at work, receive the injections, head right back to work and wow their colleagues with their brand new appearance. Being able to resume your normal daily routine right after the procedure is crucial for those patients with hectic lives

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