Heal The Skin With Sandalwood

The next time you have some minor wounds and scratches, grab yourself a bottle of (of course diluted) sandalwood essential oil, as it’s found to be beneficial in healing your skin and no, it’s not because of the skin’s ability to absorb, but rather a receptor for the particular scent that exist in your nose, occurs as well for your skin. Intriguing.

What we usually think that your nose is special for smelling scent and stuff with your nose have nearly 350 different kinds of scent receptors, researches at Ruhr-Universitat Bochum discovered a rather interesting finding – your skin cells (in this case, the outermost layer of your skin) also possess an olfactory receptor – namely OR2AT4 – for cell healing and regeneration.

And it’s also noted in the findings that overall healing processes increase if these olfactory receptors are activated, making them handy for any wounds and scars for healing and repairing. As the receptor is activated, it triggers a calcium-dependent signal pathway that ensures a speedy migration of skin cells (to repair anything that’s been damaged).

Of course, just like your nose could be different to mine, your olfactory receptors may respond well with sandalwood, and not so much with other flavour of essential oils, hence there could be some try-and-test beforehand to see which essential oil works for your skin for certain purposes.

And to top it off, the good people in white lab coats also discover a wide variety of other olfactory receptors within the skin and they’re planning to characterise each scent-receptor more precisely – for therapeutic and cosmetic potential. Bless them.

Who knows, we might find our favourite moisturisers, beauty serums, and night cream loaded with sandalwood to speed up healing process?

And it’s not something new, actually, as using essential oils have been documented for centuries, with notable names including lavender, rose hip, ylang ylang, and of course, sandalwood. Traditionally, sandalwood is widely used for healing such as cold sores, slowing down gray hair (yeay!), rejuvenating wrinkled skin, and of course minor injuries such as scratches and acne scars.

Other uses of sandalwood also include relaxing for deep sleep (similar to properties of lavender), stopping viral infections, and even as far as inhibiting certain types cancer cells.

Seriously, this news is certainly interesting and definitely inspiring. Perhaps using essential oils for skin healing can be spread out for good and it can be one of your beauty secrets of youthful skin.

While this news is certainly promising and convincing to stock up a few bottles of sandalwood, just in case, keep in mind that essential oils are quite potent on their own and you still need to handle them with care. Undiluted oils will cause you irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin or your fingertips are quite delicate. Opt for diluted version if you’re unsure to do it by yourself.


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