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Foods to Fight Psoriasis

While there’s no such thing as a diet special for psoriasis, and there’s no definite link between diets and psoriasis, certain foods are known to help your skin to heal and fight the disorder, while others may aggravate the itch to a level akin to a nightmare. Sp which food should you take and which you should steer clear from? Read on.

When it comes to psoriasis, the key is to get yourself a healthy weight while eating a wide range of foods to ensure that your body gets the nutrition it needs. This disease is an immune reaction disorder that targets to specific parts of your body and it’s quite puzzling and inflammatory, hence you need to keep the inflammation in check, through certain foods and watching your weight.

So what kinds of foods that you need to stock up?

As psoriasis is inflammatory, then by logic you should eat foods that suppress this reaction. Good foods that soothe inflammation are omega-3 fatty acids such as n flaxseed and fish oil, while reducing omega-6 as much as possible (usually found in polyunsaturated oils that are used to fry foods) as they tend to trigger inflammation through the creation of prostaglandins and leukotrienes.

Why? The problem is our diet tends to lean heavily on omega-6 while neglecting your body needs from omega-3s and trust me, you can expect to see results as quick as within a month, if you up the intake of the fatty acid.

Antioxidants are simply essential. The compound is needed to reduce inflammation and preventing unwanted flare-ups for good, as well as healing the skin affected by psoriasis. Load with fresh veggies and fruits as much as you can in daily basis and expect to see positive improvement!

Here’s a tip, rich antioxidant oil like olive is a superb remedy to soothe skin affected by psoriasis. Simply applying them liberally and regularly helps a lot to lock in the moisture and help the skin to repair itself.

And keep your weight in check! There’s seems to be a link between the prevalence of psoriasis with body weight, but mainly, it’s because obese have more skin rubbing against each other, that can make flare ups even worse.

If you think to keep the weight in check is hard from diet alone, a good idea would be to load up as much as 80% of foods that are simply healthy and containing complex carbs – whole grains and oats is a good choice as they have variety of antioxidants that can suppress inflammation and flare ups, as well as fiber to keep your hunger in check, hence making you to not overeat. Plus, oats is already a well-known remedy to soothe psoriasis (in the form of oat paste) though there’s no scientific evidence about it.

And sure, there’s no exact treatment that can help to cure psoriasis for good. All you can do is to keep the flaking at minimum. With these tips mentioned here, you can try out which method works well for you and use it.

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