Dysport vs. Botox

Which Should You Get: Dysport vs. Botox:

Dysport vs. Botox, both are very similar, so it’s no surprise that you want to know more about each of them. You will find more online about Botox because it has been used longer and there is more known about it.

The main difference is that Dysport is considerably cheaper. Cheaper does not always mean better, however. If you are looking for a discounted injection, then this is going to work for you. You will notice that it requires more injections and with greater frequency. This means that it’s not actually going to be the more cost effective solution that you were looking for.

If you think Dysport is the better option, it’s best to talk to your doctor about it. The two of you can sit down and weigh the pros and cons back and forth. In the end, you will likely see that Botox is the better option on the market. The only way that Dysport is going to be better is if you wanted a very temporary physical improvement and didn’t care about having the look repeated. Otherwise, it is better to invest the money into the Botox injections.

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  1. Mimi34 says:

    I don’t see why so much negativity about dysport. It is cheaper, less efficient, but it doesn’t add up to the same like botox. It worked with me. It’s not that popular, maybe that’s why all the negativity. But sometimes popularity isn’t necessarily an indicator of quality!

  2. Cheekyyy says:

    I’ve never heard of dysport before used in any respectable clinic I know of. I’ve never heard of anything bad or good about it, I just can’t even believe it exists. Where can we read more detailed information about it? I would like to know what exactly is the difference between the two rivals, except the price, because it has to be cheaper for a specific reason. Is the ingredient list less effective, or worse than what is used for Botox. Don’t get me wrong, I’m real, I know that Botox is still toxic.

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